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Hair care treatments, hair bleaches

Via Canova, 8/10 - 20094 - Corsico (MI)
Tel: 02.36526956 - Fax: 02.36528640

Professional hair products

Since 1969 VITALFARCO has based the research and production of professionalism, the latter understood both seriousness and care in the study of new products that address as the production, in fact, dedicated exclusively to the professional hairdressing.
With the enthusiasm of promoting cutting edge products, VITALFARCO has crossed national borders, collecting in many countries confirms its competence in the field trichological.
The guarantee of success depends more than ever on quality; VITALFARCO has adopted this philosophy has always anticipating what the market would then required.
Innovation and quality are constantly present: for these reasons, the investments are directed increasingly in the search for high-tech products that can guarantee the hairdresser to use tools that further define his professionalism.
Thanks to the most advanced production systems VITALFARCO is also able to offer a service of high quality in the production and packaging of customized lines.


Professional hair products

Via Canova, 8/10
Corsico - Milano - 20094
Tel: +39 02 36526956

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